Notice To Customer to Collect Vehicle: Repairs

Notice To Customer to Collect Vehicle: Repairs

THP Shop

16 Cresent Road, Worthing, BN111RL, United Kingdom

23 November 2023

Notice to Customer to Collect Vehicle: Repairs

Dear [Customer’s Name],

We hope this notice finds you well. This letter serves as a reminder regarding the status of your vehicle, registration number [Vehicle Registration], currently under our care for repairs at THP Shop.

Vehicle Details

Make and Model: [Vehicle Make and Model]

Registration Number: [Vehicle Registration]

Date of Drop-off: [Date of Drop-off]

Repair Details

Our skilled technicians have diligently carried out the necessary repairs and maintenance as discussed and agreed upon. The work has been completed to the highest standards, ensuring the optimal performance of your vehicle.

Collection Deadline

We kindly request that you collect your vehicle by [Specify Deadline, e.g., 7 days from the date of this notice]. This deadline has been set to ensure the smooth flow of our operations and to accommodate the needs of other valued customers.

Storage Charges

Please note that storage charges may apply if the vehicle is not collected within the specified timeframe. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Payment Details

Kindly settle any outstanding payments at the time of vehicle collection. Our team will be happy to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the services rendered and associated costs.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at [Your Contact Number] or [email protected].


We appreciate your trust in THP Shop for your vehicle repair needs. Our commitment is to deliver quality service and ensure customer satisfaction. We look forward to your prompt collection of the vehicle.

Thank you for choosing THP Shop.

Best regards,

THP Shop

[email protected]

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