Bound Cuffs

Q. Do the Bound Cuffs come in larger sizes?
A. No, they only come in one size.

Q. Can I purchase the Bound Cuffs as a single piece, not as a pair?
A. The Bound Cuffs are sold as a set only. Unfortunately we cannot break up a pair to sell them individually.

Q. How do I unlock my Bound Cuffs?
A. Each pair of Bound Cuffs come with a 'L' shaped key. Look for the hinge that has a circular hole on one end and a flat bar on the other. Insert the 'L' key through the circular end. The metal piece that holds the cuffs together will detach, causing them to open. Notes: Metal piece is the same shape as the 'L' key. Cuffs are held together through a magnetic mechanism.

Q. I've lost my 'L' key and/or the circular ring. What can I do?
A. If you've lost your 'L' key, you can use similar shaped items to open/close the cuffs. Ex. bobby pin, safety pin, paperclip. If you'd like to purchase a replacement for the Bound Cuff Ring (circular piece) or 'L' key, please contact Customer Care with your order number.  



Jewellery + Care Instructions

Q. What materials are your items made out of?
A. Aside from our Bound Cuffs, majority of our items are composed of alloy, then either gold or silver plated.

Q. How can I care for my jewellery?
A. When it comes to gold or silver plated jewellery, it is strongly recommended to avoid getting them wet. After each wear, it’s best to store them in an air-tight ziploc bag to prevent oxidation. If not taken care of accordingly, it’s much more prone to tarnishing.  



Shipping + Delivery

Q. Where do you ship from?
A. We ship out of Canada.

Q. Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?
A. No. Items must be shipped to a shipping address.

Q. How come I can't track my package?
A. If you've opted for free shipping or regular shipping, please note there is no tracking number included. If you'd like a tracking number, please select a method that states 'tracking number included.' If you've selected a tracked option, the link to track the item will be in your shipping confirmation e-mail.

Q. Do you pay for customs charges and/or taxes?
A. No. We are not responsible for duties/VAT. This is borne by the customer. As for the amount charged, it will vary depending on the recipient's country.  



Payment Information

Q. What currency are prices listed in?
A. Prices are listed in USD

Q. The amount I was charged is different from my order total. Why?
A. Often this happens if your method of payment is in a different currency. In addition to the exchange rate, your payment provider may charge a transaction fee.



Q. I purchased an item on Pre-Order. When will I receive my package?
A. If you purchased an item on pre-order, the package will be dispatched based on the estimated ship date listed in the product description. If your order includes non pre-order items, everything will be shipped together once the pre-order item is ready.

Q. There is no estimated ship date for the Pre-Order item. When will the item be shipped?
A. If there is no estimated ship, we'll ensure the item dispatches as soon as they're ready to go.