Dearest friends, After starting our eponymous label THP almost two years ago, we have decided as a brand to pause our e-commerce. This has come after much meditation, discussion and thought. Spurred by changing world events and a growing awareness of the manufacturing industry, we have stepped back to re-draw our mission. Fashion has always been a great passion of mine, but so has environmentalism, social justice and goodwill. As an influencer, business owner and woman I feel immense responsibility to live my life and business according to a moral compass. Moving forward, we will use as a platform to promote connection, awareness and sustainability through fashion. You will know who makes your garments, where the fabrics are sourced, and why we decided to make it. In the meantime while we reshift, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you all for your unwavering belief and support. You have collectively made my childhood dream of becoming a designer come true, and this gift is deeply felt. Love & Light - Vanessa